Project support

Masterminding construction and energy projects takes time, money and careful attention. As a client of Fenwick Elliott, you can be confident in our specialist attention to all legal and contractual details.

Problems during major building projects can be costly and time-consuming to rectify. By providing sound project advice upfront, we help prevent disputes from occurring, avoiding delays and extra expense. If the worst happens, we can often defuse contentious issues without the need for formal proceedings.

We take a hands-on approach for the duration of a project, keeping in close communication with clients and supplying ongoing support. If and when issues arise, we offer commercial, practical advice and troubleshooting options. This helps to ensure that schedules are maintained and budgets controlled at every stage of the process.

Risk minimisation lies at the heart of our actions. We ensure that documents are prepared, the right people are appointed, financial packages are well structured and every angle of the deal is commercially robust.

We are also experienced in structuring collaborative contracts to increase efficiency and reduce the prospect of disputes. For public/private finance initiative contracts, which are particularly vulnerable to legal disputes, we define responsibilities clearly and allocate risks.

In everything we do, our overarching aim is to achieve harmonious projects that complete on time and turn a faster profit – the best outcome for all parties.

Our client, a global financial services firm, sought help when progress to upgrade work to a Data Centre being carried out by its contractor fell behind schedule and then further hit by a fatal accident.

Acting on behalf of a Chinese trade contractor in adjudication and enforcement proceedings in the TCC, in respect of the construction of a substantial luxury hotel in Westminster.

Acting on behalf of a leading international oil and gas contractor in connection with disputes arising during the execution of a USD250 million oil refinery upgrade project, including defending two parallel ICC arbitrations.

Acting on behalf of a major international EPC contractor in connection with the first privately financed independent water & power project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Fenwick Elliott advised on all legal issues arising in connection with the design, construction and commissioning of the project including delay and disruption claims against the project’s owners, inter-consortium disputes and international arbitration proceedings against a key subcontractor.

The team's activities centre on working with clients as early as possible, eliminating potential problems before they emerge.
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