Sea wall project, South Korea


Client: Contractor

Country: Korea

Industry: Construction/civil engineering

Services provided:

  • International arbitration
  • Alternative dispute resolution


Our client was the main contractor on the world’s longest man-made sea-wall project built in South Korea. Defect issues arose in connection with equipment supplied by a European company. After a sustained period of fruitless negotiations, Fenwick Elliott were brought in to commence arbitration proceedings in the UK under the Arbitration Act 1996.

Following the commencement of arbitration proceedings, Fenwick Elliott provided advice in connection with the initiation and holding a mediation which led to a successful settlement for our client. Fenwick Elliott then assisted in ensuring the terms of the settlement were observed and performed in a timely manner.


We were able to assist our client in achieving the successful resolution of a dispute which had remained unresolved for an extended period of time. By commencing arbitration proceedings putting forward a strong claim position, we were able to bring our client’s counter-party into a mediation and assist our client in negotiating an acceptable settlement.


With our support our client was able to bring a long-running commercial dispute to an end quickly and cost-effectively. By initiating mediation following the commencement of arbitration proceedings, we were able to help our client avoid the costs of having to see an arbitration process through to completion.