Architect's Legal Handbook

Cover of Architect's Legal Handbook

Fenwick Elliott’s Senior Partner Simon Tolson and fellow Partner Jeremy Glover have both contributed chapters to the Architect’s Legal Handbook, 10th Edition. Simon wrote about ‘Health and Safety Law Affecting Architects’ whilst Jeremy looked at the FIDIC form of contract.

The Architect's Legal Handbook is edited by Anthony Speaight QC and Matthew Thorne of 4 Pump Court, and is the most widely used reference on the law for practicing architects and the established textbook on law for architectural students.

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Understanding the FIDIC Red and Yellow Books

Cover of 'Understanding the FIDIC Red and Yellow Booksby Jeremy Glover and Simon Hughes

Updated to cover the 2017 FIDIC Suite of contracts, Understanding the FIDIC Red and Yellow Books, the 3rd edition of which was published in December 2018, provides a clause-by-clause commentary of the Red and (for the first time) Yellow Book contracts offering expert guidance on interpretation for those dealing with FIDIC contracts operating in both Common Law and Civil Law jurisdictions.

The book also helps you solve problems frequently encountered in practice in relation to various clauses and compares the new contract with previous versions of the FIDIC Red Book, the Multilateral Development Bank Harmonised edition (or Pink Book) and other widely used standard contracts.

Reproducing each clause in full, the book goes on to explain the effect and operation of each one, considering latest case law and discussing problems frequently encountered in practice

The publication has been jointly written by Jeremy Glover and Simon Hughes QC of Keating Chambers and a forward to the 3rd Edition has kindly been provided by Sir Vivian Ramsey.

First published by Sweet and Maxwell in November 2006

ISBN 9780414034204

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Transnational Construction Arbitration

Cover of Transactional Construction Arbitration bookFenwick Elliott Partner Professor Nicholas Gould has written a chapter on ‘DABs and Adjudication in an International Context’ for the publication Transnational Construction Arbitration.

Transnational Construction Arbitration addresses topical issues in the field of dispute resolution in construction contracts from an international perspective. The book covers the role of arbitral institutions, arbitration and dispute resolution clauses, expert evidence, dispute adjudication boards and emergency arbitrator procedures, investment arbitration and the enforcement of arbitral awards. These topics are addressed by leading experts in the field, thus providing an insightful analysis that should be of interest for practitioners and academics alike.

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Outer Space Law: Legal Policy and Practice

Cover of Outer Space Law: Legal Policy and PracticePartner at Fenwick Elliott, Professor Nicholas Gould has written a chapter on dispute resolution in the publication Outer Space Law: Legal Policy and Practice released in October 2017. This chapter relates to satellites, space hardware and cross border issues.  International treaties are considered along with the Outer Space Arbitration Rules produced by the Permanent Court of Arbitration and based on the 2010 UNCITRAL Model Rules.

The book discusses the political relevance of outer space which continues to be recognised by nations, particularly as the strategic benefit of Earth observation from outer space remains an important national security tool. Furthermore, the distinction between the military and non-military uses of space is becoming increasingly blurred, resulting in potential conflict between nations in order to protect their space assets.

The current outer space treaties are to a large degree outdated and unable to deal with legal issues arising out of the military and commercial use of outer space, which will lead to an increase in legal issues related to outer space. This book covers the key issues relevant to the space sector, with an emphasis on the practical application of those issues.

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