Why construction disputes are like exams

In this article, Toby Randle draws comparisons between adopting good exam technique and dealing with construction disputes.

Goals for the Incoming President of the DRBF

On 20 May 2021, Fenwick Elliott Partner, Nicholas Gould, took up the position of President of the DRBF.  

Good intentions, but unintended consequences?

Letters of intent can be fraught with difficulty if not used properly. In this article Fenwick Elliott Associate, Laura Bowler sets out tips for those using a letter of intent.

Can an Employer Descope at its Convenience?

Fenwick Elliott Senior Associate, Marc Wilkins questions whether employers are entitled to “descope” or terminate at their convenience in order to secure a better bargain elsewhere? 

What Lies Beneath – Ground Risk and Site Conditions

Fenwick Elliott Senior Associate, Mark Pantry explores the issue of ground risk and adverse site conditions in construction and engineering contracts.

Timesheets, Turnstile Records, Biometric Data and (potential) Agreements made in Stairways...

In this article Fenwick Elliott Partner, Jon Miller summarises the recent guidance given by the Technology and Construction Court on what to do when time sheets, turnstiles, bio metric records all say different things.